Moons of Jupiter

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Moons of Jupiter

1. On August 4, the much-anticipated "Wonders of the Solar System" documentary will premier on the Science Channel.



2. Jupiter, the hellish moon's surface look like a pizza.

3. Metis

4. Adrastea is also tiny at a wee 12 miles (20 kilometers) in diameter.

5. Ganymede

(If Ganymede orbited the sun instead of Jupiter, it would be a planet of its own!)

6. Themisto

(How the irregular moon might be shaped...)

7. Galileo, about 4 billion years old.

8. Thebe

(The material in Jupiter's Gossamer ring probably comes from Thebe and another moon, Amalthea.)

9. Amalthea

(Edward Emerson Barnard discovered Amalthea it in 1892)

10. S/2000 J11

11. Europa

(A cold, salty planet might not seem like a good place to live...)

  Credits: NASA/Science Channel

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