Category: 2-World

As the news about Google is testing large advertising on some search results page, which has been just reported less than a week, Microsoft has announced they will attempt some similar concepts in Bing smart search in Windows 8.1. Fortunately, this kind of advertising is not the annoying banner or with bright colors——Google and Bing seem trying to blur the boundaries between the advertising and the content, directly incorporating the advertising into the search results.


For example, if using the Bing smart search to find a land rover car, you will get a large picture of the car from sponsors. And there will be some links for details about the vehicle attaching on it. Microsoft should be a little more cautious and should not put too much irrelevant information on the webpage.

Compared with Google’s banner ads, Microsoft refer the ads as the “Hero ads”——which won’t be showing on the, but only in the Bing intelligent search in Windows 8.1.