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Security company Kaspersky Lab has published a new report uncovering previously undiscovered Remote Control System (RCS) Trojans that work on both Android and iOS. It's also mapped their massive international command and control network.


The Trojans are part of the allegedly 'legal' spyware tool, RCS, also known as Galileo, developed by the Italian company, HackingTeam. Kaspersky's researchers were able to map the presence of more than 320 RCS command and control servers in over 40 countries. The majority of the servers being found in the United States, Kazakhstan, Ecuador, the United Kingdom and Canada.

It's been suspected for some time that HackingTeam's mobile Trojans for iOS and Android existed. Until now though nobody has actually identified them or noticed them being used in attacks. The list of victims identified by Kaspersky includes activists and human rights advocates, as well as journalists and politicians.


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