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When the registry is damaged, the registry must be taken good care of and saftly backed up in case of miss. But what if WINDOWS (including the "safe mode") can not be entered, then what should we do? When registry backup being carried out in a pure DOS environment, recovery is another remedy, let's see in the DOS environment, how to back up and restore the registry. 

Using Registry Editor backup and restore the registry in pure DOS already explained the use of the registry editor in the WINDOWS environment to backup and restore the registry, in fact, "Regedit.exe" This Registry Editor can not only run in the WINDOWS environment, but can also be used in DOS. 


It should be said the case of backing up the registry in DOS environment is rare, usually we backup in WINDOWS, but in some special cases, this approach becomes very practical. 

After entering DOS, and then enter the C drive WINDOWS directory, type "regedit" in the directory prompt and press the Enter key, then you will be able to view the "regedit" in the use of parameters. 

Backing up the registry by "Regedit" still need to use "system.dat" and "user.dat" these two documents, and the specific command format of the program is: 

Regedit / L: system / R: user / E filename.reg Regpath 



/ L: system Specify the path System.dat file. 

/ R: user specifies the path to the User.dat file. 

/ E: This parameter specifies the Registry Editor have to export the registry to process operation, leave a space behind this parameter, and enter the exported registry file name. 

Regpath: used to specify the branch what you want to export the registry from, if not specified, it will export all registry branch. Within these parameters, "/ L: system" and "/ R: user" parameter is optional, if you do not use these two parameters, the Registry Editor is considered them to operate to "system.dat" and "user.dat "file under the WINDOWS directory. If it is started by soft-drive and entered DOS, then you must use the "/ L" and "/ R" parameter to specify the specific path of "system.dat" and "user.dat" file, otherwise the Registry Editor will not be able to find them.