Troubleshoot IE common errors

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IE stands for Windows Internet Explorer, also known as Microsoft Internet Explorer, users abbreviate it as MSIE or IE, which is a good web browser Microsoft launched, the latest version is IE 11.

However, users prone to encounter a variety of small problems when using IE browser, in this article I will explain how to quickly solve common errors of IE browser in addition to the use of the registry tools to cleans registry corruption.



IE blue screen: kb2670838 Microsoft released will sometimes cause blue screen phenomenon in AMD dual graphics notebook, blue screen code: igdpmd64.sys.

Solution: Open IE browser (not going to blue screen within ten seconds), and quickly click Settings --Internet Options - Advanced - check using software acceleration without using GPU acceleration - Applications - OK.

This setting allows the browser to use software rendering instead of using single display.


Slow load of IE: the loading speed when IE open a page is slow or unresponsive.

Solution: Please open the IE browser - Setting -Internet Options - Connections - LAN Settings - cancel automatic detection.


IE blue screen / no response / graphics driver stop working when watching videos: IE window appears blue screen or graphics drivers stop working which cause the computer restart when watching videos.


① Open the graphics driver console, set the iexplorer.exe as power-saving mode, that is, nuclear graphics running.

② in the video Window, right click - Setting - Cancel flash hardware acceleration.


IE refresh failed: after opening a Web page IE browser repeatedly refresh, prompting that refresh failure or load content is incorrect.

Solution: The problem may be caused by the script debugger, open IE- setting -Internet Options - Advanced - Disable script debugging - check.


Internet Explorer is no longer try to restore this site. The site appears to still have problems, you can do the following: Go to the home page.

Solution: Open IE - Internet options - Advanced - Enable automatic crash recovery - Remove the check - restart IE.